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You Are Capable Of Extraordinary Feats

The Journey from Silver to Gold is a book about self development and giving you the foundations and tools to ‘go deep’, to ask yourself the tough questions. It is clear the author has experienced this himself and has designed a methodology that can assist you to find out if who you are today is who you still want to be. Very useful for those at a cross roads in their life or if you are on a journey to finding out who you are.
Kathy Bees

Fantastic accomplishment!! Has inspired me to get my arse into gear and finish off my own ;). Great read, very clear, great quotes. Loved the case studies and exercises are very relevant. Great book!!
Rakish Rana

I thought it was great. I think that it serves your audience, interesting examples and action tasks. The formatting was clean and very user friendly. The conversation style was excellent. Well done. Proud of you! You took action and made it happen.
Kam Bains

It’s enough knowledge to make you get up and go make your dreams a reality, but not too much as to overwhelm the reader. The exercises in the book are made to get your thinking and tale action. Lastly, I think it’s to the point, and without any fluff, that extra text just to fill the book. Great work!
Alexandra Merisoiu

A great insight into the world of goal setting and preparing yourself to make the transition from silver to gold. The addition of worksheets and visual material aided progression and has made me want to go back after the initial read to further develop goals using the worksheets as an aid. Will be back to revisit to further explore and refine my goals. Thank you!
Hannah Mason

I found it very informative – as I am working as a social work manager I related to a lot of the information and advice.
Sarah Lilley

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